"Gravitational Waves and Gamma-Rays in Neutron Star Merger" in Astrophysical Journal Letters of 20 Oct 2017 - Article review

This document contains article review "Gravitational Waves and Gamma-Rays from a Binary Neutron Star Merger: GW170817 and GRB 170817A" in Astrophysical Journal Letters of 20 October 2017
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1. Introduction and Background

page 93

2. Space and Time

2.1. LIGO - Virgo Observation of GW170817

A time-frequency representation of the LIGO data containing GW170817 is shown in the bottom panel of Figure 2
The text with Figure 2 reads:
Bottom: the time-frequency map of GW170817 was obtained by coherently combining LIGO-Hanford and LIGO-Livingston data. All times here are referenced to the GW170817 trigger time T0GW.
When you compare the three Lightcurves with the time frequency map it is very difficult to claim that the source is a binary merger of 2 (neutron) stars.

3. Unambiguous Association

4. Implications for Fundamental Physics

Reflection part 1

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Created: 20 October 2017

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