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It probably isn’t.
That is the most probably answer.
It’s accused of being incomplete by people who can’t accept the fact that reality is non-deterministic.
That is a different question.
That question requires the defintion of: what means deterministic and what means non-deterministic.
It should be mentioned that both concepts require clear examples which are deterministic and others which are non-deterministic.
If all of the reality is non-deterministic the sentence is empty.
But, if you think about it, reality has to be non-deterministic, in at least some way, in order to support the notion of free will.
The concept free will is also a different question.
Every person has a free will. That specific means that every person has the capability to think about all physical and phylosophical question and have its own opinions.
But that does not mean that we all can do, freely, as what we want.
I know some people want determinism so badly that they declare we don’t actually have free will, but my belief is that they either want to get attention by taking an outrageous position or have just wandered off into the weeds.
This sentence is not clear


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The question "Why is quantum mechanics incomplete" involves two issues:

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Created: 3 November 2023

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