Simultion of Solar System, including Sun and 7 planets

The table below shows the forward angle of the precession of the planet Mercury.
The displays in the left column show the individual influence of each single planet
The displays in the right column show the accumulated influence of the planets.
Display 1 Planet Venus
Display 2 Planet Venus
Display 3 Planet Earth
Display 4 Planet Venus & Earth
Display 5 Planet Mars
Display 6 Planet Venus, Earth & Mars
Display 7 Planet Jupiter
Display 8 Planet Venus, Earth, Mars & Jupiter
Display 9 Planet Saturn
Display 10 Planet Venus, Earth, Mars,Jupiter & Saturn

Reflection 1 - General

The displays show a simulation using Newton's Law.
This simulation is very impressive but it lacks an angle of 43'' compared with the observed reality.
The question is to perform the same simulation using GR to do the same, however the total angle should not be 531,5 but 574. This number includes the 43'' per century as predicted by GR.



Created: 23 April 2020

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