Visual Basic program "VB Planet3d" - Software Description



The purpose of this document is to give some general information about the software of this program.
There are generally speaking two modes of operation: AUTOMATIC and MANUAL.
  1. The program uses a data base which is stored in the directory C:\Now-new. The name of this directory can be changed changed. See Parameter Menu. In this directory there are two files (progname$) : PLANET3X and PLANET3Y.
    PLANET3X is the standard file name.
    PLANET3Y is non standard, but you can also use your own.


    In the directory C://Now-New there are also the files Meeus1.DB etc.
  2. The files PLANET3X come with 4 extensions: .DB .OU and .TX and .CM They are stored in namecm$, nameou$, namepr$, and namedb$ in subroutine INIT0 and DISPLAY1 filenm1$ stores the extension .TX (Created in GETFLNM) READCOM and WRITECOM are used in the subroutines: DISPLAY1, FIGURES1
    READDB is used in sub: MAIN and WRITEDB is used in the sub: WRITEDATA
    READDATA is used in sub: DISPLAY1 and WRITEDATA is used in the subroutine: Main
    PRINTFILE is used in sub: Main

    Two important parameters used in file IO are savedb and restoredb
    Both parameters are used to control the subroutines

    General use of variables

  3. Two important parameters used are test and subtest
    The parameter test is used to indicate the tests of the control form
    The parameter subtest is used to indicate the tests of the Figure Form
  4. To perform subtest 4 proceed as follow:
    1. From the Menu Display Select parameter 12 Sub Test and enter parameter 4.
    2. From the Control Form Select View Commands
    3. From the Control Form Select Command excution

    Subroutine usesage of Forms.

subtest Test star2
1 2 2
2 2 3
3 2 4
4 2 5
5 2 6
6 2 7
7 1 1
8 3
9 4
10 5
11 6
12 7

  Select Case subtest%            ' sub test
  Case 1                          ' Test 2      influence of S, M and Venus
    testdb(i) = 2: phidb(i) = 0: rrdb(i) = 0: enddb(i) = 1000: TDB(i) = 50
    cdb(i) = 0: disdb(i) = -1: savdb(i) = 1: ecdb(i) = ec0: specdb(i) = 0
    star2 = 2

Reflection 1

Reflection 2



Created: 9 April 2020

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