Visual Basic program VB Sudoku - Program Descriptionn


Description cnt2 mode

In order to solve a Sudoku you can use a set of 16 rules. All these Sudoku's are relative simple. When those 16 rules are not enough the next strategy is by try and error. That means you try something and next you use the 16 rules to solve the Sudoku. When this is does not solve the Sudoku you try something else.
The simplest strategy is when you try the situations when there are two possiblities. For example when an array contains the numbers 1 to 7 in that order than you know that the missing numbers are 8 and 9. That means at position 8 you first try the number 8 and than when you get an error indication you try the number 8 at position 9.
Because you get an error indication at position 8 you know that position 9 must be correct otherwise the Sudoku is wrong.
However when you use the number 8 at position 8 it is also possible that you still can not solve the Sudoku. In that case you have to search for an other case whith two possiblities.
The parameter auto_cnt_2 in program Main