Visual Basic 2019 16.9.4 Evaluation and Criticism



For more preliminary information see: Visual Basic 2019 16.9.4 Evaluation and Criticism.htm

The primary purpose of this document is to observe if any of the problems of release 16.9.3 are solved.

Running a Visual Basic 2010 program using Visual Basic 2019 Platform

  1. Select "VB2010 Maze" This Visual Basic 2010 program creates a Maze.
  2. Select "VB2010 Maze.sln This shows a selection list which starts with Openen
  3. Select "Openen with"
    This shows the following selection list:
    1) Blend for Visual Studio 2) MicroSoft Visual Basic 2010 Express 3) Microsoft Visual Studio 2019 4)Micro Soft Studio Version Selector (And 2 more selections which are inrelevant)
  4. Select 3) "Microsoft Visual Studio 2019" The program will be loaded.
    • Select Debug. & Select Start Debugging The following message will be displayed:
      There were build erors. Would you like to continue and run the last unsuccesful build?
      Select No
    • Select Errors. You get: Severity Code Description Project File Line Suppression State
      Error An error occurred while signing: Failed to sign bin\Debug\app.publish\VB2010 Maze.exe. SignTool Error: The signer's certificate is not valid for signing.
      SignTool Error: An error occurred while attempting to sign: bin\Debug\app.publish\VB2010 Maze.exe VB2010 Maze
  5. Now I want to test possiblity 2. This is difficult. The best possibility is select X i.e. select Close And perform the same initial steps as before.
  6. Select 2) "MicroSoft Visual Basic 2010 Express" The following message will be shown:
    Registration is required to continue using this product.
    Registration is required to continue using Microsoft Visual Basic 2010 Express. Registration is free and provides you with access to additional benefits.
    And in a box: Obtain a registration key online.
    When this is selected you get the following message
    Je verbinding is niet privé
    Your connection is not private
    Kwaadwillende gebruikers proberen mogelijk uw gegevens te stelen van (bijvoorbeeld wachtwoorden, berichten of creditcards).
    Bad people try to steal your personal information. etc etc
All of this is rather Bad, because it means that you cannot run your 2010 program on your 2019 platform.
That means if you want to use release 2019 you have to enter your complete program almost from scratch

Reflection 1 - Visual Basic 2019 16.9.3

IMO there is something serious wrong with Microsoft.
I expect that none of the 4 templates (Part of create new Project process): 1) Windows Forms App 2) Windows Forms Class Library 3)Windows Forms Control Library and 4) WPF Application, work without any modification. You must at least make one adaptation.
I don't know how many different templates the user can create (40?) but all of these templates should have been properly tested, that when created, there have zero errors. I doubt if they are.
The problem is that Visual Studio becomes too complex with too many options.

In VB2019 when I write: A = A + 1 I get a message that I should optimize my code. Why?
In VB2019 there is not a Visual Basic only Help functionality. Why? Why do I see all these C help messages. IN VB2019 why is there not a simple list with all the subroutines? Why do I see all these other variables?

Reflection 2 - Visual Basic 2019 16.9.4

The testing of 4 templates under 16.9.4 is still in progress.
ASAP I will inform the reader what the situation is. I expect there is little hope that something is improved.



Created: 25 April 2021

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