Visual Studio 2022, Visual Basic 2022 Debug.Print problem


1. Introduction

2. Visual Studio / Visual Basic 2022 Debug.Print problem

The description of the problem is simple:
In a standard Visual Basic program you can write the following two lines:
a = 20 + 1 Debug.Print "a = ";a
In the debug mode you expect the following text on the "Output Display" :a = 21
That is normally, what you can expect in order to follow, or trace the intermediate results.
In Visual Basic 2022, executing the program, this was the case.
Roughly one month ago, this changed. Executing the program, the output display stayed blank.
When you do the same, but now with Visual Basic 2019, the output display always shows the expected result.
That means the problem is related to Visual Basic 2022.

To Report the operating system select: "Help" and select "About Microsoft Visual Studio"

Version 17.6.5
Most probably this was recently updated.

To report a problem start from Visual Program 2022 and open the project or solution.
When the program has loaded select: "Help" and select: "Send Feedback " and select: "Report Problem".
This brings you to the file: The part behind the id will be different.
The document starts with the text: You are reporting a problem for Visual Studio
* The general layout of the form is very confusing, because not much detail is shown how to use the form. See "Learn about Feedback"
The document starts with a box called Search First . What the exact meaning of Search is, is not clear. How you Search, What to enter, Where and why is not clear. You feel yourself in a labyrinth, without a begin or end.
* Still under construction When you have filled in the form, select "Submit"

4. Follow up Debug.Print .



Created: 1 September 2023

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