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At the beginning of this document we read:
"Are two events (e.g. the two strokes of lightning A and B) which are simultaneous with reference to the railway embankment also simultaneous relatively to the train? We shall show directly that the answer must be in the negative."
Next we have the following sketch when lightning strikes:
        v             A1         M1 ---->  B1      /  Train
     ----->       ----X----------X---------X------/
                      A          M         B         Embankment              
What do we know:
  1. Lightning strikes at two places A and B on the Embankment at t1 and t2. There is an Observer M at mid-point between those two places.
  2. The Observer at M sees the two flashes simultaneous at t3.
The question is: is t1 equal to t2.

In the document we read:

But the events A and B also correspond to positions A1 and B1 on the train.

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Created: 7 January 2008

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