Curriculum Vitae

Ir. Nicolaas R.A. Vroom
De Zevenster 32
2970 Schilde
0032 3 3539821

Current Situation

I'am not longer available to do any form of process control implementation work i.e. design, implement, and test process control programs
On the other hand if you need consultancy it is still possible to get advice on a day by day, all expenses paid (except if you are "family"), basis

Short Range Objective

Consultant for short and long term solutions with automation projects.
Write me an e-mail:

Long Range Objective

Consultant in the batch oriented process control industry. Preferable in the following sectors:

Employment & Experience

Independent Consultant - 1997 - Now

All following projects are with Honeywell TDC3000 process control computer systems.

Principal Application Engineer - Honeywell PACE Brussels 1980 - 1996

Software Group Manager - Fischer & Porter Antwerp 1977 - 1980

Application Engineer - Fischer & Porter Warminster USA 1974 - 1977

Application Analyst - Control Data Corporation (CDC) Rijswijk 1971-1974


1961-1969: Electrotechnical Engineer - Technical University Eindhoven
Department Measurement and Control.
Thesis: The development of a software package to control a hybrid computer system.
1976 Wharton School of Business: Management Introduction course
1984 TDC3000 Engineering course 2 weeks
1989 EMDC: Effective Communication
1990 EMDC: Achieving and Providing Quality Service
1994 PAC: UNIX, UxS and AxM training course


Dutch, English, German, French


Technical Recognition Award Yamateke Honeywell 1983
Customer Satisfaction Award 1993


63 years, widower, 3 children.
Physics and Astronomy
Homepage about Science and Understanding
Golf, Iceskating


KIVI : Royal Dutch Institute for Engineers
BIRA : Belgium Institute for Measurement, Control and Automation
SP88 : ISA Standard Committee for Batch Control Systems

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