Frequently Asked Questions

This paragraph discusses two subjects:

What are Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) are a set of documents containing questions and answers about a specific subject. Select Usenet FAQ's to learn more about FAQs in general.
Select FAQ-List to observe an alphabetical listing of all FAQs.
Select: The homepage by Russ Allbery or select directly: Faqs and Documentation to learn a lot about FAQ's and Usenet.

The opinion of the author

Your author is in favor of FAQs. However also has certain objections and remarks.
In the rest of this page with FAQ is meant: a detailed description of a subject consisting of an index, paragraphs, text, formulas and figures.
With question is meant a remark or comment about a part of a FAQ, that someting is not clear or wrong, with the final intention that the FAQ has to be changed. This is called a first level question. A second level comment is a remark about a first level question.

The quality of the FAQs should be such, that, if during an examination and a student gives the answer at a question that is in a FAQ, than that answer should be honoured as being correct.


Created: 19 September 1996
Last modified: 5 january 2002

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