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Literature and other Sites

Books in my library related to the subjects discussed are:
  1. A Brief History of Time - From the Big Bang to Black Holes
    by Stephan W.Hawking 1989
  2. A Journey into Gravity and Spacetime
    by John Archibald Wheeler
  3. Astronomical Algorithms
    by Jean Meeus.
  4. Astronomy and Cosmology - A modern course
    by Fred Hoyle
  5. Astronomy With your Personnel Computer
    1990 by Peter Duffett-Smith.
  6. CHANDRA - A Biography of S. Chandrasekhar
    Kameshwar C.Wali
  7. Computer Power and Human Reason
    Joseph Weizenbaum
    From Judgement to Calculation
  8. Concepts of MASS in contemporary physics and philosophy
    Max Jammer
  9. Cosmology and Controversy
    Helge Kragh 1999
    The historical development of two theories of the Universe.
  10. Dark Matter Missing Planets & New Comets
    by Tom van Flandern. Meta Research
  11. De Bouwstenen van de Schepping
    by Gerard 't Hooft 1996
    Een zoektocht naar het allerkleinste
  12. Easy PC Astronomy
    by Peter Duffett-Smith 1996.
  13. Einstein's Theory of Relativity
    Max Born - 1962 - Dover 0-486-60769-0.
  14. Ethics
    Before you want to study what is right, please read this book.
  15. Explanatory Supplement to the Astronomical Almanac
    by P.K. Seidelmann
  16. Exploring Complexity
    Gregoire Nicolis Ilya Prigorin
  17. Galactic Astronomy
    by James Binney and Michael Merrifield
  18. Galactic Dynamics
    by James Binney and Scott Tremaine
  19. General Relativity - Second Edition
    by Hans Stephani
    An introduction to the theory of the gravitational field
  20. Godel Escher Bach - An Eternal Golden Braid
    Douglas R. Hofstater
    A Metaphorical fugue on minds and machines in the spirit of Lewis Carroll.
  21. Gravitation
    by C.W. Misner, K.S. Thorne and J.A. Wheeler
  22. Has Hawking Erred? - Introduction by Professor Jan Boeyens
    by Gerard Kraus
    A sceptical appraisal of his bestselling "A brief history of Time" revealing a major scientific fallacy
  23. Home Is Where the Wind Blows
    Fred Hoyle
    Chapters from a Cosmologist's Life
  24. Hybrid Computation
    George A Bekey and Walter J. Karplus 1968
    All about Analog Computers, Hybrid Computers and Numerical Simulations
  25. In Search of Schrodinger's Cat
    by John Gribbin 1988
    Quantum Physics and Reality
  26. Industrial Dynamics
    by Jay W.Forrester 1972
    The book to read if you want to simulate Industrial Processes
  27. Intellectueel bedrog (Intellectual impostures)
    Alan Sokal & Jean Bricmont
    Postmedernisme, wetenschap en antiwetenschap
  28. Introducing Einstein's Relativity
    Ray d'Inverno
    Includes very good exercises.
  29. Leerboek der Natuurkunde
    Onder redactie van Prof Dr. R. Kronig - Delft
  30. Newton's Clock
    Ivars Peterson
    Chaos in the Solar System
  31. Newton's Principia, for the Common Reader
    by S. Chandrasekhar
    A great book by a genius about the work of a genius.
    And if you fully understand it all you are a genius yourself.
  32. Open Questions in Relativistic Physics
    Edited by Franco Selleri 1998 Apeiron
  33. Other Worlds
    Paul Davies 1988
    Space, Superspace and Quantum Universe.
  34. Pierre-Simon Laplace
    Charles Coulston Gillispie
    A life in Exact Science.
  35. Physics and Philosophy - The revolution in Modern Scinece
    by Werner Heisenberg - Introduction by Paul Davies
  36. Quasar Astronomy
    by Daniel W.Weedman
  37. Quasars, Redshifts and Controversies
    by Halton Arp - 1987- Interstellar Media ISBN 0-941325-00-8
  38. Seeing Red - Redshifts, Cosmology, and Academic Sciences
    by Halton Arp Apeiron
  39. Six not-so-easy Pieces
    by Richard P. Feynman
    Einstein's Relativity, Symmetry, and Space-Time
  40. Sterrengids 1996
    by Mat Drummen and Jean Meeus.
  41. Strange Beauty
    by George Johnson
    Murray Gell-Mann and the Revolution in Twentieth-Century Physics
  42. Subtle is the Lord
    by Abraham Pais
    The science and life of Albert Einstein
  43. The Arrow of Time
    Peter Coveney & Roger Highfield.
    The quest to solve science's greatest mystery.
  44. The BIG BANG revised and updated edition
    by Joseph Silk
  45. The Cambridge Atlas of Astronomy - Second Edition
    Edited by Joseph Audouze and Guy IsraŽl
  46. The Emperors New Mind
    by Roger Penrose
    Concerning Computers, Minds, and the laws of Physics.
  47. The Evolution of Scientific Thought from Newton to Einsten
    A. d'Abro - 1950 - Dover 0-486-20002-7.
  48. The Inflationary Universe
    by Alan H. Guth
    The Quest for a New Theory of Cosmic Origins.
  49. The Quantum Theory and Reality
    by Bernard d'Espagnat - Scientific American - November 1979 - page 128-140
  50. The Quantum Theory of Fields - Volume I Foundations
    Steven Weinberg
  51. The Quantum Theory of Fields - Volume II Modern Applications
    Steven Weinberg
  52. Theories of Everything
    by John D.Barrow
    The Quest for ultimate explanation
  53. UNIVERSE - Second Edition
    by W.J. Kaufmann.
    A very good introduction book about Astronomy
  54. Was Einstein Right
    Clifford M. Will 1995
    Putting General Relativity to the test.
  55. World Dynamics
    by Jay W.Forrester 1971
    Our resources are limited. Away is away

Other Interesting Sites

Sites which addresses the same or similar subjects are (* implies URL error):
  1. Alan Sokal, Professor of Physics, New York University Our Ambassador to judge between Fake, Vague and Reality.
  2. Albert Einstein Online This site contains many links and lots of information about Albert Einstein.
  3. Chaos Hypertextbook, Mathematics in the age of the computer Explains Chaos in Detail.
  4. Does Gravity Travel at the Speed of Light ? Explains the issues but does not give the final answer between the similarities and differences between electrical and gravitational attraction.
  5. EAAE International Homepage European Association of Astronomy Education in Garching.
  6. Event-Symmetric Space-Time A book about the Laws of Physics by Plilip Gibbs.
  7. Farce of Physic, The This side expresses a lot of critique how science is conducted. The solution is the proposition that the speed of light is equal to c+v ...
  8. Frequently Asked Questions - Sci.Astro Everything about sci.astro and Contains a link to Many-Worlds FAQ.
  9. Frequently Asked Questions - Sci.PhysicsEverything about physics. There exists part 1, part 2, part 3 and part 4.
  10. Frequently Asked Questions - Sci.Skeptic Starting point for people who are skeptic.
  11. General Relativity around the world This is a good starting point if you want to visit other sites which discuss Relativity, Physics, Astronomy and Super-computing.
  12. General Relativity with John Baez Everything you want to know about General Relativity including a tutorial.
  13. Good Astronomy The information supplied is clear and understandable. Has a direct link to Bad Astronomy
  14. Halton C.Arp and Peculiar Galaxies Are Quasars as a function of their speed and accordingly to Hubble's Law far away or not ?
  15. Interaction-Free Measurements, The Tao of All about, to optically detect the presence of something, but with no photons hitting it.
  16. ISA Standard Committees SP88 Batch Control Systems.
  17. Introduction to the Physics FAQ General Physics, Special and General Relativity, Qauntum Mechanics and Cosmology.
  18. John Baez Everything you want to know about almost everything.
  19. Laws List Laws, rules, principles, effects, paradoxes, limits, constants, experiments & thought-experiments in physics.
  20. LIGO California and Massachusetts Institutes of Technology - Gravity Waves
  21. Many-Worlds Quantum Theory An Introduction.
  22. MIT Haystack Observatory This side performs many of the observations to prove the Relativity Theory.
  23. NASA/MSU Center for Educational Resources (CERES) site includes links to NASA astronomy resources and classroom lessons for K-12 teachers and students.
  24. New and Alternative Theories of Physics An excellent collection.
  25. Newton's Law Physics 251 Lectures of 30 October 1995.
  26. Notes on Relativity and Cosmology for PHY312 Donald Marolf Physics Department Syracuse University
  27. * Physics UnboundHome page is the table of contents to a physics text book in hypertext (HTML).
  28. QBasic Link Page - Connor'sQ Basic compilers, programs etc etc.
  29. QuickBasic Cafe QBasic Downloads
  30. Relativity on the World Wide Webb Contains Special and General relativity links to: visualisation sites, tutorials, graduate courses etc etc.
  31. Society for the Advancement of Autodynamics This side portrays a new theory of relativity called AD.
  32. Spanky Fractal Database Contains a collection of fractals and fractal related material for free.
  33. Speed of Gravity Explains the issue but does not give the final answer between the similarities and differences between electrical and gravitational attraction.
  34. Speed of Light - A Limit on Principle ?, The Everything about Time and Space-Time by Laro Schatzer
  35. Stephen W. Hawking Homepage.
  36. Theoretical Physics Fun Time travel in Flatland. Solve the Einstein's Equations Yourself. Look through the Hubble Space Telescope.
  37. Tomorrows World A very good starting place to discover what science is all about.
  38. Twin Paradox and the Lorentz Velocity Transformation, The Physics 251 Lectures of 1 November 1995.
  39. Visual Basic 6.0
  40. Wayne Throop Relativity and Twin paradox.
  41. Web Physics Devoted to Teaching and Learning Physics with World Wide Web Technology.

Foreign Links to Physics and Astronomy

  1. Brasilien link
    1. Fisica Physics.
  2. French links
    1. Bonjour, site convernant l'Univers et l'…space The planets are discussed and much more.
    2. Matthew Shepard This site requires your special attention because the creator Matthew Shepard was murdered without any reason.
  3. German link
    1. Neue wege in der physic New methodes in Physics.
  4. Japanese link
    1. Science Physics.
  5. Rusian link
    1. Sibirian branch, Russian Academy of Science
  6. Swedish links
    1. FysikinstitutionenUniversity of Uppsala, Physics.
    2. Karin Markenroth Physics.

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