Comments about the News Feature in Nature: Data teleportation: The quantum space race

Following is a discussion about this News & Views in Nature Vol 552 5 December 2012, by Zeeya Merali
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The article starts with an instruction photo shoot of 6 pictures.
The reader is adviced to study these pictures him or herself.
Their are certain physical problems in this experiment.
In frame 3 one entangled photon is transmitted from China to Vienna. If this is physical possible requires certain tests. In frame 4 we read:
The stay-at-home photon is used to pick up information from another photon. The travelling photon is instantly affected by the comparison in China, and acquires information about the interrogated photon.
What this text shows is that the state of the travelling photon (in Vienna) is instantly affected because the state of the photon in China is changed. That is physical not possible because this requires instantaneous communication and is not demonstrated by the above mentioned experiments to demonstrate entanglement.
See also reflection


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Created: 15 February 2018

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