Nicolaas R.A. Vroom

My dear friend,

Many thanks for sharing you considerable work with us, the general public.

How can I say I agree or disagree with you work ? What you have done is to stimulate my thinking, to help me look at things from other perspectives, perhaps I should do the same by sharing my thoughts with the ‘general public’ also.

Your thinking is orderly and well laid out, but not always easy to follow, but this is my short-coming, not yours. If I consider only that which I think likely, then I am unjust. I need your input for many reasons including the fact, that I am unable to observe those things which I ponder.

Theories abound. I cannot tell which are valid and which are not. I am an uneducated and simple man, but these many questions assault me and consume me.

I don’t think there are ‘parallel’ universes also, but I cannot accept our universe’s ‘Big Bang’ as the beginning of everything.

I was watching some beautiful fire works one night. As one exploded and sent its sparkling debris in all directions some of it went into the space of a previous detonation (or big bang).
Perhaps the stars of one universe overlapped into another. Perhaps our ‘Big bang’ was just an event on the cosmic calender.

Surely, my friend, you have many thoughts that are not in the book.

I live at latitude 27 south on the east coast of Australia. I was born in 1945.

Yours faithfully
Bobbie T.