Uncertainty Principle


What is the shortest description of the Uncertainty Principle?


The Uncertainty Principle states that it is not possible to measure of the same particle the position and momentum both accurate. It is either one or the other.


It is not possible to measure anything twice of the same particle accurate, for example the position.
The first time when you do anything you will influence the behaviour of the particle.

In my opinion the challenge of mankind is to measure the position of one particle as accurate as possible, in such a way that it will influence the trajectory of the particle the least.
The reality is not influenced by uncertainty; human behaviour (to learn what the reality is) is.


26/4/96 You say that there is no uncertainty, but this is only your personal imagination of reality. Position and momemtum are two quantities we attach to a particle artificially. A particle has no definite position or momentum.

Last modified: 29 April 1996

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