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1. Origin

2 Electron energy levels

3. Rydberg formula

4. Shell model of heavier atoms

5 Moseley's law and calculation of K-alpha X-ray emission lines

6 Shortcomings

The Bohr model also has difficulty with, or else fails to explain:
I could also be the other way around.
  • The model also violates the uncertainty principle in that it considers electrons to have known orbits and locations, two things which can not be measured simultaneously.
  • The fact that the locations of electrons can not be measured has nothing to do with bohr's model.
    The issue is when you perform a measurement i.e inject a photon, the atom reacts as predicted.
    The problem is with the uncertainty principle.
  • Doublets and Triplets: Appear in the spectra of some atoms: Very close pairs of lines. Bohrís model cannot say why some energy levels should be very close together.
  • This is not a short comming. More parameters are required to fine tune the model.

    7 Refinements

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