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1. Cosmic inflation

2 Overview of metrics and comoving coordinates

2.1 Example: "Great Circle" metric for Earth's surface

2.2 Metric tensors

2.3 Comoving coordinates

3 Understanding the expansion of the universe

3.1 Measurement of expansion and change of rate of expansion

3.2 Measuring distances in expanding space

3.3 Topology of expanding space

3.4 Density of universe during expansion

3.5 Effects of expansion on small scales

3.6 Metric expansion and speed of light

3.7 Scale factor

3.8 Other conceptual models of expansion

4 Theoretical basis and first evidence

4.1 Hubble's law

4.2 Cosmological constant and the Friedmann equations

4.3 Hubble's concerns over the rate of expansion

4.4 Inflation as an explanation for the expansion

4.5 Measuring distance in a metric space

5. Observational evidence

6. See also

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