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The missing baryon problem is a problem related to the fact that the observed amount of baryonic matter does not match theoretical predictions.
In fact there are two distinct problem related to the issue of baryonic versus non-baryonic matter:
In any galaxy versus in the total universe.
The density of baryons can be constrained according to big bang nucleosynthesis and the cosmic microwave background.
This issue is more related to the Universe at large.
The missing baryon problem is distinct from the dark matter problem, which is mainly non-baryonic in nature.
I think this whole issue is much more complicated.
The real question is if it is not one and the same.
The missing baryon problem was proclaimed solved in October 2017, with the missing baryons located in hot intergalactic gas.
And what about hot interstellar gas inside any galaxy?

1. Theoretical predictions

2 Observations

3. Resolution

If there are baryons present, light from the cosmic microwave background should scatter off them, losing some energy. These show up as very dim patches in the CMB.
IMO it is completely a pure quess to claim that this is true. Such a claim is backfired as noise in the CMB.

4. References

Journal references: arXiv, 1709.05024 and 1709.10378v1

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Reflection 1 - Dark matter problem versus Missing Baryon Problem.

The Dark matter problem is a very old problem.
The primary reason is that the observed galaxy rotation curve (based on the speed of the stars) can not be explained by the observed amount of matter in the galaxy. One problem is that the observed curve is flat near the rim, while there are almost no stars (visible mass). That is what

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