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In theoretical physics, a preferred or privileged frame is usually a special hypothetical frame of reference in which the laws of physics might appear to be identifiably different (simpler) from those in other frames.
The laws of physics are descriptions of experiments or physical processes.

1. Preferred frame in aether theory

In theories that presume that light travels at a fixed speed relative to an unmodifiable and detectable luminiferous aether, a preferred frame would be a frame in which this aether would be stationary.
The issue is if the speed of light is (locally) the same in all directions.

2. Inertial frames preferred above noninertial frames

Although there is no preferred inertial frame under Newtonian mechanics or special relativity, the set of all inertial frames as a group may still be said to be "preferred" over noninertial frames in these theories, since the laws of physics derived for inertial motion only work exactly in this special category of frames.
When you describe most experiments from a rotational observer the whole universe is rotating which make the descriptions more complicated.

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The best frame is a frame in which the Cosmological Background Radiation is fixed.


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