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1. Overview

Assuming a black box, the Turing machine cannot know whether it will eventually enumerate any one specific string of the subset with a given program.
A Turing machine does know anything.

1.1 Physical description

2 Informal description

3 Formal definition

4 Additional details required to visualize or implement Turing machines

4.1 Alternative definitions

4.2 The "state"

4.3 Turing machine "state" diagrams

5 Models equivalent to the Turing machine model

6 Choice c-machines, oracle o-machines

7 Universal Turing machines

8 Comparison with real machines

8.1 Limitations of Turing machines

8.1.1 Computational complexity theory

8.1.2 Concurrency

8.1.3 Interaction

9 History

9.1 Historical background: computational machinery

9.2 The Entscheidungsproblem (the "decision problem"): Hilbert's tenth question of 1900

9.3 Alan Turing's a-machine

9.4 1937–1970: The "digital computer", the birth of "computer science"

9.5 1970–present: the Turing machine as a model of computation

10. See also

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