Visual Basic program "VB FindPrim" - Description and operation

Introduction and Purpose

The purpose of this program is to factor an integer number in 2 prime numbers using Shor's Algorithm. The Visual Basic Program "VB FindPrim" is base around the question: Stable Galaxy - What is involved
For all the technical details about the simulation select: Program "VB FindPrim.bas": Galaxy Simulation in 2D
To download an executable select: VB Gal
It is possible that you need the file: Msvdvm50.dll Select:
For more information go to: Implementation details


The Visual basic program program "VB FindPrim" consits of 3 Forms (or displays):

Operation - Form1 Control

Operation of the program is done from the Control Form.

In order to understand the Repeat function you have to read: Program 14 Evaluation which describes the Q Basic implemetation of the same program. It is even better to start with paragraph Technical Data

Picture 1C
Picture 1D

Form2 Display

Form3 Print - Part 1

Form3 Print - Part 2




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Updated 19 Februari 2016

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