Visual Basic program VB HVstar - Description and operation

Introduction and Purpose

The purpose of the Visual Basic program VB VHstar is to demonstrate the High Velocity stars by performing a simulation of 3 objects with different masses.
To download an executable and the source code select: VB

The program consists of 3 displays:

  1. A Control Display. This display shows the masses of the 3 objects, and pushbuttons to Start and Stop the program.
  2. A Trajectory Display. This display shows the path of the 3 objects: m1, m2 and m3.
  3. A Data Displays. This display shows certain parameters of each simulation cylce.


The program is based around Newton's Law.
Only two dimensions are considered: x and y.


Operation of the program is done from the Control Display. See below for more information.
The Control Display contains for push buttons: "Start", "Cancel", "Next" and "Clear".


Operation of the program involves 3 displays: 1) Control. 2) Trajectory and 3) Data




Original 2 December 2011

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