Visual Basic program 5.0 "VB Quantum Moves" description and operation

The program "VB Quantum Moves is based on the game: "Quantum Moves". For a copy go to:

The program VB Quantum Moves consists of 4 excersizes.

  1. Bring home water from fixed source.
  2. Bring home water from moving away source.
  3. Bring home water from approaching source.
  4. Store away water to fixed destination
In each exercise there are two baskets identified as "A" or volume1 and "B" or volume2.
When you start the game the two baskets are certain distance away from each other

Program operation

There are two ways to execute the program: "Manual" or "Auto" In Manual mode the program is controlled by the user.


My first impression is that I doubt the Quantum Mechanical implications of the game. Specific if this game can be used in anyway to speed up the development of a Quantum Computer.



Created: 18 April 2016

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