Comments about the article in Nature: IBM quantum computer passes calculation milestone

Following is a discussion about this article in Nature Vol 618 22 June 2023, by Davide Castelvecchi
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1. Uniquely quantum

2. Error approach

Over the longer term, IBM and most other companies hope to shift towards quantum error correction, a technique that will require large numbers of additional qubits for each data qubit.
Not only that, but it is very important, when Quantum Computers are used, that they should give the same result, each time when the same calculation is performed.
Some researchers are less optimistic about the potential of noise mitigation (reduction NV), and expect that only quantum error correction will enable calculations that would be impossible on even the largest classical supercomputers.
That is an even not expected target. Was it not the object of a QC to outperform the largest digital computer with a factor of 100?
The Eagle has 127 qubits.