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Discussions about Length Contraction

1. sci.physics. relativity WHY DO RIGID RODS VIOLATE SR? Length contraction. Discusses rigid rods from physical point of view. Push versus Pull
2. sci.physics. relativity Train Thought Experiment Length contraction. Discusses Luminosity or Brightness.
3. sci.physics. relativity The Absurd Assurtions of the SR Experts Length contraction. Discusses: "Spaceship Puzzle Faq" and "Rigid Disc Faq
4. sci.physics. relativity Is length contraction physical?? Length contraction. A simple experiment is proposed.
5. sci.physics. relativity Length contraction confusion Length Contraction. Discusses length contraction without moving observer
6. sci.physics. relativity Length contraction is WRONG Barn and the pole paradox
7. sci.physics. relativity The length of a moving rod Contains a description how you measure the length in 4 steps
8. sci.physics. relativity SR is succesfully debunked, spread the word. Discusses visibility of Length Contraction and Terrell Rotation.
9. sci.physics. relativity Length Contraction Reality. Discusses if Length Contraction is true.
10. sci.physics. relativity Einstein on the rotating disc Rotating disc and Physical Explanation
11. sci.physics. relativity Is Length Contraction Real. Length Contraction and Physical Explanation
12. sci.physics. relativity SR Length Contraction - how do physicists explain this Also about Length Contraction and Physical Explanation

Discussions about Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle

1. sci.physics A Question about Uncertianty Principle Introduction
2. sci.physics Basic question in Heisenberg's uncertainity principle Extensive discussion that HUP is not clear.
3. sci.physics uncertainty principle is untenable Extensive discussion that HUP is not clear.
4. sci.physics The double slit experiment proves that light is not a wave but a particle Discussion if single photons can go through two slits
5. sci.physics.research Double slit experiment Request for experimental prove for experiments with photons, electrons and neutrons
6. sci.physics. research Is Particle/Wave Riddle solved ? Observe the different replies on the first question.

Discussions about Quantum Computers

1. sci.physics. research Just what is Quantum Computation Quantum physics. Gives many reference links in
2. sci.physics. research Quantum Computers Discusses Shor's Algorithm, with comments by Peter Shor.
3. sci.physics. research A programming language for Quantum Computers Discusses Quantum Computers and logic.
4. sci.physics. research Quantum Computers and Shor's Algorithm Discusses Quantum Computers, quantum logic and Shor's Algorihm.
5. sci.physics Schrodingers Cat Paradox Discusses what is superposition and entanglement.
6. sci.physics A programming language for Quantum Computers Discusses the issues of programming a QC
7. sci.physics Current Status of Computers Discusses Quantum Computers
8. sci.physics. research Entanglement Discusses Entanglement and Superposition
9. sci.physics. research Quantum computer: can it divide w/o collapsing the wavefunction ? Discusses Quantum Computers
10. sci.physics Quantum Computer and Loops Discusses Loops, Floating Point and Parallelism

Discussions about Chaos theory

1. sci.astro. research Question about solar system Chaos and solar system. My last reply shows the clearest description of my point of view
2. sci.physics CHAOS Chaos. My last reply also shows my point of view
3. sci.physics. research The Fallacy Of Chaos Chaos and our solar system. A hectic discussion
4. sci.physics. research Educational TV The twist is Chaos

For a selection of discussions

1. sci.astro sci.physics. relativity Size of observable Universe" Big Bang. It is easy to claim that we can look backwards almost to the moment of the Big Bang, but it is difficult to explain.
2. sci.astro Expanding Universe Big Bang
3. sci.astro sci.physics. relativity Hawking's "Universe in a nutshell" Balloon concept is chalenged.
4. sci.astro What is the Speed of gravity relative to light Speed of gravity. Thoroughly reply by Steve Carlip
5. sci.astro. research GRS1915+105 and SR Superluminal motion. Challenges that superluminal motion can be explained by SR.
6. sci.physics Dark Matter and Black Holes Dark matter
7. sci.physics. relativity Big Bang Question Big Bang. Why can we see what happens 15 billion years ago. Read Tom Roberts reply
8. sci.physics. relativity sci.physics Speed of gravity Speed of gravity Part 1
9. sci.physics. relativity sci.physics Speed of gravity Speed of gravity Part 2
10. sci.physics. relativity Van Flandern's Meta Model Speed of gravity. Experimental prove requested between electromagnetic field and gravitational field.
11. sci.physics. research The Laws of Physics Physics. Contains a long list of opinions about time travelling and wormholes.
12. sci.physics. research sci.astro. research How important is SR for the precession of Mercury Discusses frame with synchronised clocks, standard rods and no lightbending
13. sci.astro Perihelion of Mercury with classical mechanics ? Discusses if you can use Newton's law solely
14. sci.astro.research neophyte question about hubble's law Discusses Hubble's Law: z = (H/c)*d and v = H*d
15. sci.astro.research Hubble's telescope find never seen'galaxies Discusses Hubble's Law: z = (H/c)*d and v = H*d
16. sci.astro.research CDM Cosmology Discusses Cold Dark matter Cosmology
17. sci.physics.research Are we reaching the maximum of CPU performance ? Discusses CPU pentium P4 and Intel i5
18. sci.astro.research A better term for "dark matter" Discusses that dark matter is actual non-baryonic matter



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