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1. Formal definition

2 History of the concept

The Feynman–Stueckelberg interpretation states that antimatter and antiparticles are regular particles traveling backward in time.
The concept "forward travelling in time" is not clear. In some sense everything travels forward in time.
Using the same reasoning the concept "forward travelling in time" is not clear.
In relation to this: A Feynmann diagram should be treated with great care.

3. Notation

4 Properties

5 Origin and asymmetry

Antimatter may exist in relatively large amounts in far-away galaxies due to cosmic inflation in the primordial time of the universe.
The Milky Way is also a far-away galaxy.
Antimatter galaxies, if they exist, are expected to have the same chemistry and absorption and emission spectra as normal-matter galaxies, and their astronomical objects would be observationally identical, making them difficult to distinguish.
That is correct in principle.
NASA is trying to determine if such galaxies exist by looking for X-ray and gamma-ray signatures of annihilation events in colliding superclusters.
The Andromeda Galaxy and the Milky Way will soon collide. The most reasonable assumption is that both are of the same type. The most important question to answer is the evolution path of a normal-matter galaxy versus an anti-matter galaxy, starting from birth. Cosmic Inflation has nothing to do with this.

6 Natural production

6.1 Observation in cosmic rays

7 Artificial production

7.1 Positrons

7.2 Antiprotons, antineutrons, and antinuclei

7.3 Antihydrogen atoms

7.4 Antihelium

7.5 Preservation

7.6 Cost

8 Uses

8.1 Medical

8.2 Fuel

8.3 Weapons

9. See also

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