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1. Comparison with mass

2 Justification

2.1 Based on atoms

2.2 Based on protons, neutrons and electrons

2.3 Based on quarks and leptons

2.4 Based on elementary fermions (mass, volume, and space)

2.5 In general relativity and cosmology

3 Structure

3.1 Quarks

3.1.1 Baryonic matter

3.1.2 Hadronic matter

3.1.3 Degenerate matter

3.1.4 Strange matter Two meanings of the term "strange matter"

3.2 Leptons

4 Phases

5 Antimatter

6 Conservation of matter

7 Other types

7.1 Dark matter

7.2 Dark energy

7.3 Exotic matter

8 Historical development

8.1 Antiquity (c. 610 BCc. 322 BC)

8.2 Seventeenth and eighteenth centuries

8.3 Nineteenth and twentieth centuries

9 Summary

10. See also

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