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1 Mathematical formalism

1.1 "Observables" as self-adjoint operators

1.2 Projective measurement

1.3 Generalized measurement (POVM)

1.4 State change due to measurement

1.5 Examples

2 History of the measurement concept

2.1 The "old quantum theory"

2.2 Transition to the “new” quantum theory

2.3 From uncertainty to no-hidden-variables

2.4 Quantum systems as measuring devices

2.5 Decoherence

3 Quantum information and computation

3.1 Measurement, entropy, and distinguishability

3.2 Quantum circuits

3.3 Measurement-based quantum computation

3.4 Quantum tomography

3.5 Quantum metrology

4 Laboratory implementations

5 Interpretations of quantum mechanics

6. See also

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