"VB2010 BitCoin PP" Visual Basic program to mine bitcoins.

The program "VB bitcoin" is a program written in Visual Basic 2010 to demonstrate the mining of bitcoins. This program uses the concept of parallel programming. For a copy of "VB2010 BitCoin PP.exe" select: VB BitCoin PP.zip.
The program is based on 7 questions related to bitcoins. To study the seven questions select: BitCoins and Mining - 7 Questions
For more information goto: Implementation details



The Visual basic program program "VB Bitcoin" consits of 2 Forms (or displays):

Operation - Control Form

Operation of the program is done from the Control Form.
Picture 1A
Picture 1A Shows the initial display.
This dispay shows 3 Commands: Calc, End and Stop This depends about were you are during program execution. Intially after starting program execution only the Calc, End commands are displayed.

The display also shows 3 additinal parameters: Msg, Auto and LowLimit

Operation - Monitor Form

Picture 1B

Operation - Display Form

Picture 1B
Picture 1B Shows the Result display. Each line shows the data of one block.
The first line shows the results of block #1. The second line block #2. The third line of block #3. Etc.
Internally each block is linked to its previous and next block. As such block #2 has a link to block #1 and block #3. Block #3 is linked to block #2 and block #4 etc.
All this linked block form a chain. This is the blockchain.

Technical Information

The name of the actual code that is used in the program is called SHA256. For more detail about SHA256 read this:https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SHA-2
Specific the paragraph Pseudocode is used as the basis for the program. Select: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SHA-2#Pseudocode



Created: 15 Februari 2018

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