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  1. Are there physicists who say that there is no quantum entanglement Answer by Adman Munir
  2. Can you explain entangled particles and entanglement without using any math Answer by Steve Baker
  3. Does Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle exist because we do not yet know enough about physics to make better predictions? Will we ever get around this limitation? Answer by Viktor T.Toth
  4. How does gravity effect a quantum superposition Answer by Marc John Fernee
  5. How does observing photons turn it from a wave into a particle as in the double slit experiment. What makes observing change its behavior Answer by Marc John Fernee
  6. If two photons are entangled If the wavelength of one photon changes is the wavelength of the other affected Answer by Dan Stahlke and by Viktor T.Toth
  7. In quantum physics, how can something not be there unless its observed? Doesnt observing require the object being there to begin with? Why cant I observe a chocolate cake making it appear (I see no chocolate cake after my observation) Answer by Krister Sundelin
  8. Is it possible for two human beings to be quantum entangled Answer by Mark John Fernee
  9. Is Schrodinger’s quantum model (1926) the last atomic model and our most current understanding of what an atom is? Or have we improved our understanding of atom since 1926? - Answer by Michele Cini and by Jonathan Hardis
  10. Is the universe deterministic, meaning that all events and outcomes are determined by preceding causes and governed by predictable laws, or is it indeterministic, meaning that there is an element of chance and randomness in the world? Answer by Franklin Veaux.
  11. What is time Answer by T. Barzuck
  12. What do scientists think about the many worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics Answer by Mark John Fernee.
  13. What gives light its speed? Answer by Victor T. Toth
  14. What happens when two black hole singularities meet Answer by Gulshan Kumar Jha
  15. What is the currently accepted model of atomic structure? Is there a more recent model than the Bohr or Bohr-Sommerfeld that has been observed by physicists? Answer by Akshat Mahajam
  16. What is wrong with saying Schrödingers cat has some known chance of being alive in just the same way as we say we have a 1 in 36 chance of throwing double six by Krister Sundelin
  17. What-was-the-impact-of-Schrodingers-equation-and-Heisenbergs-uncertainty-principle-in-quantum-mechanics Answer by T.Barzuck
  18. Who-was-David-Bohm-What-were-his-thoughts-on-Einsteins-theory-of-relativity Answer by by Oliver Milatovic
  19. Why Einsteins Relativity equations are very complicated in nature Answer by The Box
  20. Why is quantum mechanics incomplete Answer by Kip Ingram.
  21. Why-was-Einstein-bothered-by-the-complexity-of-quantum-physics Answer by Steve Baker.
  22. Will quantum computers ever become practical Answer by Steve Baker.

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