21 Programs in QBASIC

  1. Light bending around the Sun using Newton's Law
  2. Mass of a Galaxy calculation based on rotation curve
  3. 2 body simulation based on observations
  4. Length Contraction - a visible illusion ?
  5. Virtual position of gravity waves
  6. Two Slit experiment
  7. Hubble's Law with 3 stars
  8. Sun movement in our Galaxy
  9. Absolute Speed of Solar System calculation with Jupiter and Callisto
  10. Sling Shot effect and Gravity Assist
  11. Changing of Time with 3 Objects
  12. How Planets form around the Sun
  13. Twin Paradox explained with TV monitoring
  14. Galaxy simulation in 2D
  15. Electro_magnetic and Gravitational Field Propagation
  16. Michelson and Morley's Experiment
  17. SR Experiment with 4 Trains
  18. Big Bang simulation
  19. Shor's Algorithm simulation
  20. Kuiper belt binaries
  21. Virial Theorem simulation new

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